Hooking up a Temperature Sensor

Unfortunately there aren’t many resources online that deal specifically with connecting an Olimex ESP8266-EVB board like mine to some temperature sensors. (I used the DS18B20 temperature sensor)

When I hooked my sensor up, this IoT Playground post was the most useful. However the pins on the diagram provided don’t correspond to those on my board. It was simple enough to translate this diagram using the schematic that Olimex provides, specifically using the UEXT section.

The pinout for the original post’s chip helped a lot too!

This means that, when holding the DS18B20 with the flat side facing you, the first pin should be connected to ground on the board (a small slot on the board marked “GND_PIN”), the centre pin to one side of a 4.7 kΩ resistor, and this should then be connected to GPIO2, also known as UEXT pin 6. Finally, the right hand pin of the sensor should be connected to the other end of the resistor, with this then being connected to VCC, which is UEXT pin 1.

(I’ll update this post with a diagram or picture soon)

Following getting this working, I combined the code in the IoT Playground post with the WiFi client example I used in an earlier post to update my Sparkfun page.

Next I’ll try to read the packets being sent out, and then try to use HTTPS to send them and (hopefully) try and fail to read the contents of these packets!


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